What is Media Status on Terminals.io?

What is this? A title for Ants?

What is Media Status on Terminals.io?

If you belong to an established media organization, or you’ve developed a large enough following on your YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming channel, you can register on Terminals.io for something we like to call Media Status. Terminals is ultimately designed to allow video game developers and publishers a place to interact with members of the media, streamers, and content creators, and Media Status is how we make that distinction between media regular enthusiasts. Terminals is a place for everyone to explore upcoming releases, news & events, and request keys for games being represented by Terminals or Evolve PR, but having Media Status gives you a bit more. 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Media Status exists because we’re looking to make things official in order to connect established media outlets and content creators with game developers (maybe even take you out to lunch sometime, I’ll have my people call your people). For developers and publishers, users on Terminals with Media Status are important because of the potential for media coverage and press opportunities that they can provide when given priority access to press kits, news, and review keys. 

Having Media Status means that we trust you with a metaphorical “peek behind the curtain”. Users with Media Status often receive keys early so that they can be used appropriately, with the expectation being that you’ll play the game and create something that we can share with the developers. Even if you’re busy or if you suddenly don’t have time to cover a key you’ve received, we make it easy to manage and track your key requests and submitted media coverage for games on Terminals.io, and even opt-out of covering when you need to.

Users with Media Status will not only be given priority for key distribution, but they will also receive early announcements, & potential paid opportunities, as well as be able to book appointments with Evolve PR clients during major shows such as PAX or E3.

The Circle of Life Media Status

One of the unique aspects of Terminals.io is that our Account Specialist team manually verifies every application for Media Status. Our team will look into YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming channels to verify that they are actively producing gaming-related content and if users identify themselves as gaming press, our team will verify that they qualify for Media Status by confirming their association with the listed media outlet on their account. 

While everyone registered on Terminals can request keys for most available titles, having Media Status means we’ve reviewed your account and you’ve met a certain set of requirements that verify you as a professional content creator or registered media outlet. 

Even though not everyone qualifies right away, it doesn’t mean that will always be the case. By providing assets and resources alongside news updates for games on Terminals.io, we’re hoping to help give new creators tools to grow!

So What Is Media Status?

In summary? It’s the first step in diving into gaming media for some, and for veterans, it’s just a cool secret handshake that lets us know you’re cool and we can trust you with the coolest stuff. If you have any more questions, you can check out our FAQ for more information. Otherwise, if you haven’t already, register for Terminals.io and dive into something fun today! 

Published July, 11 2022
Last updated July, 07 2022
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