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What’s Up With Coverage

Submitting coverage will never be the same! We’ve heard your cries for change and we’ve decided to introduce some new features to the Dashboard that will make it easier than ever to manage the content you send in to Terminals.

Previously, users who received keys for titles on Terminals would have to manually search through the games that they had received keys for, and compare it to a list of the coverage they had already submitted. We decided to simplify things a little by adding several changes to the way you view what you’ve submitted into the system.

What’s new?

Straight from the jump, you’ll notice that the coverage section of the dashboard has been updated to display a prompt that lets you know when you’re missing coverage for titles you’ve received keys for. 

You can either click that banner or hit the Add Coverage button to proceed to the coverage page. We’ve updated this page to not only show submitted coverage but also notify you about which titles you’ve received keys for but have yet to submit content for.

Another update comes in the form of the list of titles that are missing coverage. Alongside this list, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to opt-out of submitting coverage for a title.

This will let us know that you will not be covering the selected title and we’ve also included a quick questionnaire so you can let us know why.

Change your mind and decide to put together some coverage after all? No worries, you’re able to see a list of the games that you’ve opted out of, so you can go back and cover those titles at any time!

How does that affect you?

Regularly submitting media coverage lets us know that you’re using the keys we send you properly. While we don’t expect you to review or make content for every game you receive on Terminals.io, we certainly hope that you give it an honest try.

By consolidating coverage on one page, we hope to provide you with more opportunities to create content and by adding the opt-out feature, it will allow us to improve the Terminals' experience in the future with the feedback we receive.

Published February, 22 2022
Last updated March, 23 2022
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