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How To Request Keys on

How To Request Keys on

Please sir, may I have some keys?

One of the reasons media and content creators around the world are on is the ability to request keys for some of your favorite upcoming titles featured on the site. Evolve PR has developed as a tool for publishers and developers to promote their titles for media coverage from press and content creators like you!

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about key requests, how they work, and what we expect from you, the press media, and content creators who are requesting them. Today we’re going to teach you how to request a key on Terminals

How To Request Keys

The first step in your key requesting journey, begins on the main page: The Terminals Dashboard.

If you know which game you’re looking for, use the search bar. Otherwise, check out the “Recent Games” list for recently released or upcoming titles. You can also find titles using the “Discovery Queue,” which uses the genres you’ve tagged on your account to give you recommendations. 

The next step is heading to the game page to request a key. If you’re in good standing on Terminals and key requests are open, you’ll find that the option to request a key on terminals is highlighted in red.

Key requests are often only open for a limited time depending on either the duration of a campaign with a developer or depending on the availability of keys. Contact the PR team involved with a title if you have any questions about a game on Terminals.

When filling out your request, select the region and platform for the key or else we won’t be able to fulfill your request. The next step is to lay out your coverage plans. Let us know when and how you intend to produce content/coverage for the key that you’re about to receive. 

This is important because while submitting coverage is not mandatory, the developers and publishers who are providing these keys are hoping for media coverage, so the more coverage you produce, the more likely you are to get keys!

Don’t forget to read over the key request notes at the top of the page. These notes will provide  important information about the keys, build information and what we’re looking for from you when you request a key. Information includes things like:

  • PR notes - important information about the availability of keys for specific platforms, influencer opportunities and any other relevant messages for press and media.
  • Embargo details - Dates and times for embargos as well as more detailed information regarding specific titles.
  • Region details - Details regarding what regions qualify for key distribution.
  • General advice - any other notes that we think you might find useful like game guides or cheat sheets.

Now that we’ve cleared this all up, you should be well on your way to requesting keys on Terminals!

Published July, 07 2022
Last updated July, 07 2022
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