A Quick Guide To Submitting Coverage on Terminals.io

A quick summary of what “good” coverage looks like and how to submit content to Terminals

Submitting Media Coverage on Terminals

What is Media Coverage?

Media coverage can be many different things depending on the industry or audience you’re involved with. For the sake of this reading, we’re going to discuss the magical world of video game coverage!

Media coverage in gaming includes any form of media that discusses, promotes, or informs on the subject of gaming. Whether that’s a news article, review video, podcast discussion, or stream. There are many different ways to create content as a gaming media creator. Today we’re going to talk about what kind of content we’re looking for as media coverage, and how to submit that on Terminals!

What does “good” coverage look like? 

Good media coverage doesn’t quite have to meet professional media presentation standards but it does have to present consistent enough imagery, wording, or overall messaging that the subject matter can be well understood by your audience. 

When defining what “good” media coverage looks like, it’s safe to assume that proper spelling and grammar, and stellar presentation (evidence of good video editing or clear audio playback quality) are commonly accepted standards. Other things you’ll want to consider include: making sure your content is original, that it’s being published with the appropriate timing, and that you’re being clear with your points and your messaging. Overall, there are no set guidelines or blueprints to follow in terms of what media coverage “looks” like because as a creative, it’s your content, we just want to experience it!

Terminals Expectations

We’re not going to sit here and claim we’re the final authority on what good coverage is, but if you’re going to be submitting content to Terminals.io, we’ve got a few tips that we can share with you that will give you an idea of what we’re looking for.


When submitting media coverage on Terminals.io, we’re mainly looking for content from YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming. So make sure that when you’re leaving key request notes, that you’re clear about what kind of content you’ll be making with the keys we provide. At the moment, we’re less likely to send keys to content creators whose media is primarily posted on Tik Tok, Onlyfans, Patreon, or Dlive because we have yet to determine the effectiveness of media coverage and their reach on those platforms. 

When you’re submitting YouTube videos or Twitch streams, be sure to include the name of the game you're covering in the title as well as the type of content you’ve created. Saying whether it’s a stream, review, gameplay video (with or without commentary), or a let’s play lets both regular viewers and PR coordinators know what they’re looking at.

Online News

For online news articles, the standards are a lot more generalized. As long as your article includes the basics like the publishing date, article title, hashtags, &  author listing, then you should be good to go.


Terminals also accepts audio-based content as coverage, so if you’ve got a podcast or radio show then we want to hear what you have to say! As long as you've got links to your episodes either through YouTube or one of the many podcast services out there, we’ll accept them as coverage.


The old ways are still the best, print is not dead and if you’re an outlet with a newspaper or magazine then Terminals.io accepts media submissions from those sources. If you’re submitting print media then a PDF of the magazine or even just the specific articles hosted on Google Docs or in a Dropbox link (preferably something that doesn't expire) will work just fine.

How to Submit Media Coverage on Terminals.

Now for the hard part, actually submitting coverage on Terminals. You’ll want to either head over to the main dashboard page on Terminals.io —or the Terminals page of whatever game you’ve created coverage for— then:

Step 1: Click submit coverage.

Step 2: Select the type of coverage that you’re submitting and fill out the form. You will need to make sure you have some sort of link to send in here, regardless of platform.

Step 3: Click “+ Add Coverage” to submit your content.

Step 4: You can view submitted coverage as well as a list of outstanding coverage in the “Your Coverage” section of the user dashboard.

Remember, submitting your content to Terminals is important because we’re sending your content directly to developers and publishers! Making sure they see your name in this way can open up all sorts of opportunities down the road that you might b in. Now that we’ve covered submitting your media content on Terminals.io, I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool media coverage you create!

Published September, 02 2022
Last updated September, 02 2022
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