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Top 5 Secret Terminals Features

Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite key distributor & media hub? Well, think again! Distributing keys to indie darling titles isn’t the only bit of magic in our bag of tricks, the platform itself has a few features that you may not have been aware of.

Spoilt For Choice

In my pre-Terminals days, I was a very indecisive variety streamer, and when I would get stuck deciding what to play next, I’d settle on “old faithful” aka grinding out a few hours in the FIFA mines. If I’d known as a content creator I could have access to a tailor-made playlist of games that I could request keys for and the only thing I had to do was stream them and submit the coverage. I would have been doing what you should be doing now, diving into the Terminals Discovery Queue.

When you sign up for, you can choose from a list of gaming platforms and interests that you may have. While that helps us tailor your Terminals experience to show you gaming news and updates that you might be interested in, we also use it to create a constantly updating list of games for you to discover. You can watch each game queued to receive news updates for that title, or if requests are open, you can submit a key request directly from the queue! 

Getting All Kitted Out

Whether you’re writing an article or putting together a review video, you won’t be able to get anywhere without assets. Whenever we put together Terminals pages, even we need press kits to get things started. So if you’re looking for visual inspiration for your newest content creation, look no further than the Terminals page for some of your favorite games! Each page will often include a link back to the official press kit which will be filled with assets like, screenshots, logos, videos, gifs and game facts.

If we don’t have a press kit available for a game, we provide the opportunity to download all screenshots listed for that title. This means you’ll always have the ammo needed to craft the perfect review, or at least get some high-quality wallpapers!

What Day Is It?

The Terminals Calendar was introduced earlier this year, to widespread acclaim in the industry, and who wouldn’t be excited for it? Gaming release dates with links to store pages, industry events, personal calendar integrations, and public holidays to boot; it’s a swiss army knife of planning for anyone keyed into the games industry. Developers, press, and gamers alike have found it to be a key tool to help them plan for upcoming launches and purchases!

Hot Off The Presses, We’ve Always Got The Scoop!

Last but not least, we take our status as a reputable source of gaming news and updates pretty seriously. Even though each game page has its own listed news articles, you can also find news about all the games on Terminals, even those you aren’t directly following, on our news page. You’ll also find developer and publisher news updates here as well, alongside a list of featured titles with key requests open.

Alright, I think we’ve covered everything and I hope you enjoy checking out!
If you’re a long-time user or you’re just getting started with the site, let us know what your favorite feature is, or let us know if there are any cool features you think might add to the experience!

(the whole damn platform is breathtaking - Keanu Reeves (...probably))

Published December, 02 2022
Last updated December, 02 2022
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